Can Coffee Go Bad?

A cup of coffee with coffee beans and a coffee grinder.

Can Coffee Go Bad? How to Extend the Shelf Life of Your Coffee Coffee is a beloved drink for many people across the globe. The rich, invigorating aroma and flavor make it a staple beverage in many households. But coffee…

Are Coffee Beans Legumes

A close-up of roasted coffee beans, shows its rich brown color and intricate texture.

Are Coffee Beans Legumes? Getting to the Root of Coffee’s True Botanical Identity Are coffee beans legumes? Many refer to coffee beans as “beans.” However, they are not actual beans. Coffee beans are seeds of the coffee plant, which is…

Should Coffee Beans Be Oily?

A sack with oily coffee beans.

Should coffee beans be oily? Shiny Beans Investigation Coffee is loved by many for its aroma and taste. It’s a daily habit for people worldwide. With specialty coffee growing, there is increasing interest in the brewing process. One debated topic…

Alternative Coffee Drinks

A fruit frappe, a hot chocolate, a mushroom coffee with mushrooms, dandelions, and chicory roots on the table

Alternative Coffee Drinks: Exploring a World of Flavor and Variety Beyond traditional coffee beverages await alternative coffee drinks that provide unique flavors, textures, and potential health benefits. Ranging from dairy-free lattes to superfood-packed elixirs, these innovative drinks offer exciting new…